Application Release Automation


Digital transformation requires enhanced information technology solutions, and IT organizations use application release automation in order to achieve the transformation. There is a need for reliability, speed and agility in this digital era. Subsequently, organizations are using ARA to achieve the said elements in order carve a niche in the market. It is through using release automation that organizations can achieve consistent, repeatable and auditable deployment that is necessary for a continuous delivery pipeline.

Suitable Development Methodologies
Updates that are smaller and more frequent exert pressure on the delivery pipelines and they make one of the most suitable development methodologies. Notably, market disruptions and competitive call for more frequent and faster releases in a business demand market. It is for this reason that developers cannot work with operations that are prone to interruptions and the ones that are used to manage stability and compliance. Such operations do not give rise to the risks that are necessary for a production environment. Find out for further details on agentless deployment  right here.

Relationship between ARA and DevOps
Best DevOps practices require the application of ARA tools. The tools give rise to a combination of a structured environment, workflow management capabilities and automation. If a team makes use of the ARA tools, then it manages to carry out a software development more rapidly, reliably and responsibly. The high quantity releases of the ARA tools help in the implementation of a continuous delivery.

Extra Roles of the ARA Tools
The ARA tools have more roles on top of software deployment automation. The tools apply structured automation techniques during a release, and the techniques enable a team to have more visibility. In a DevOps pipeline, the tools combine workload automation with release management tools. The tools also come handy in the regulation of deployments, the creation of deployments and deployment environment, determination of the release time and release method.

Qualities of ARA Solutions Vendor
Unlimited Support
Sometimes customers need assistance when using ARA solutions. It is quite an inconvenience for a customer to find an ARA solutions vendor closed since it translates into a business loss. Subsequently, it is necessary for the customer to go for a vendor who offers support for 24 hours every day.

Services and consultations for tools such as DevOps, deployment and open source tools require a dedicated vendor. It takes dedication for a customer to have confidence in services that a vendor offers. Dedication translates into an active involvement when offering services to customers.

Other Qualities
A credible vendor has a wealth of experience that is denoted by high-quality expertise and long working experience. They also offer other services such as DevOps certification, assessments, and e-learning. Generally, a credible vendor offers a solution to the needs of a customer. Take a look at this link for more information.


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